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    GoSuite 24.1 Changelog



    • Fixed an issue with the Preview and Edit Content buttons not working after entering Webparts mode.
    • Removed CSS class that was adding 15px of left padding to the cms_content div.
    • Fixed problems with pagination when several dashboard webparts were on the same page.
    • Fixed the Quick Create modal feature that could not be closed.
    • Fixed a bug with the date pickers for some job components in the Workflow Manager.
    • Fixed a bug causing the Override Page Size property to not work in the n4m Course Listing webpart.
    • Fixed a bug causing the faculty listed on a meeting session to all show the Accepted status and be missing the faculty roles.


    Auto Dues Product Provider

    • A new provider for products has been added that will be included when the dues auto payment runs. Any GoSuite client could set up products that would stay in the order during dues processing. 

    Exam Question Filtering

    • Added a Type column to the back-office Questions listing. Added filtering when adding questions to exams so that regular questions can only be added to normal exams and flashcard questions can only be added to flashcard exams. This was done to avoid an issue where regular exams break if a flashcard question is added. 

    Payment Error Emails

    • Added several locations to the payment processing where emails will be sent if an error occurs. This requires an email address to be added to the appSettings.config file.
      • <add key="EcomErrorEmail" value=""/>

    Fusion Rec. Design Update

    • Redesigned the look of the n4m Fusion Recommendations webpart in horizontal mode.

    Performance Improvement

    • Improved performance on the order listing and order detail pages.