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    Get up to $10,000 a Month in Free Advertising: Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits


    Navigating the digital world can be challenging for nonprofits, especially when marketing budgets are tight. Google understands this and offers a groundbreaking solution through the Google Ad Grants program. This initiative provides eligible nonprofits with up to $10,000 a month in free advertising on Google Search, empowering your organization to reach new heights in outreach and engagement.

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    What is Google Ad Grants?

    Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits empowers organizations to create impactful text-based ads that appear on Google search results pages. With this grant, your nonprofit can significantly boost its online presence, driving traffic and engagement to your website, increasing donations, volunteer sign-ups, and overall awareness.

    Transform Your Nonprofit with Google Ad Grants

    • Boost Visibility: With Google Ad Grants, your nonprofit can achieve prime visibility at the top of search results, making it easier for potential supporters to discover you.
    • Drive Engagement: Enhanced visibility leads to increased website traffic, translating into more volunteers, donations, and active engagement with your nonprofits cause.
    • Promote Initiatives: Leverage the ad grant to spotlight specific events or fundraising campaigns, ensuring they capture the attention of a broader audience.
    • Enhance Awareness: Share your mission with a global audience, educating them about your cause and the critical issues you address.


    How to Get Started with Google Ad Grants

    Embarking on your Google Ad Grants journey is seamless. Here are the basic steps:

    • Join Google for Nonprofits: Register your organization with Google for Nonprofits.
    • Verify Eligibility: Ensure your nonprofit meets the eligibility criteria.
    • Apply for the Grant: Complete the straightforward application process.
    • Launch Your Ad Campaigns: Once approved, start creating targeted ads and selecting relevant keywords for your nonprofit.

    Discover Additional Grants

    Google isn’t the only tech leader offering support to nonprofits. By signing up for our comprehensive Ad Grant Guide, you can also access information on other valuable grants, including:

    • Nonprofit Grant: Gain discounted or free access to’s project management tools.
    • Google Suite Grant: Obtain free access to Google’s suite of productivity tools.
    • Microsoft Office Grant: Access Microsoft’s productivity tools, enhancing your team's organization and efficiency.

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