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    Explore the Latest in Member Management: GoSuite's MMS 2023 Enhancements Unveiled


    Embark on a journey of streamlined association management with GoSuite's MMS, enhanced for 2023. This module is a game-changer for member-based organizations, offering a suite of advanced tools designed to revolutionize member engagement, communication and management. With these latest updates, GoSuite provides an integrated, intuitive platform, simplifying complex tasks and empowering organizations to focus on growth and member satisfaction. Experience the transformation in managing member relations, events and content, all while enjoying the benefits of a user-friendly, data-driven system.

    CMS Improvements:

    • Workflow Notifications System: New module for user notifications.
    • Webpart Publish Indicators: Enhanced visibility for published/unpublished content.
    • Accessibility Improvements: Skip navigation links, .vtt files support for captions, MegaMenu TabIndex.

    Email Improvements:

    • Automatic Image Link URL checker.
    • Folder Picker for batch email.
    • Header & Footer Picker for email templates.
    • Opt-Out Email Webpart for unsubscribing without account login.

    Content Management:

    • New Meetings Smartdoc for full event display.
    • Open Access Content icon.
    • Page Access and Entitlements improvements.
    • Member Status inclusion in access checks.
    • Embedding options for podcasts and videos.

    Association Manager Enhancements:

    • Reordering of Custom Profile Fields.
    • Multi-Order Transactions for different members.
    • eCommerce Subscriptions for groups of products/courses.
    • Integration with & Paylink for recurring billing.
    • New payment methods in Braintree: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo.

    These features enhance the overall functionality and user experience of the GoSuite Solution, especially in managing content, email communications and association-related tasks efficiently.

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