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  • Marketing & Creative Services

    Society for Neuroscience: eNeuro

    Society for Neuroscience: eNeuro
    Society for Neuroscience: eNeuro
    Society for Neuroscience: eNeuro

    Project Overview

    Project Type Marketing & Creative Services
    Company Society for Neuroscience
    Year 2014

    Create a ground-up design of the Society for Neuroscience's new open-access journal

    Helping the world's largest neuroscience organization reach new audiences.

    • Interviews and surveys of audience members ensured that every feature we designed tied back to a specific goal, supported by research findings.
    • We developed a palette and logo that reflects the individuality of the journal while maintaining its connection to the Society for Neuroscience.
    • Surveys and analysis of Google Analytics data revealed the gaps between business goals and user behavior, and provided the insight that allowed us to define a path to a success.