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    Protech Mascot


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    Protech Mascot
    Protech Mascot
    Protech Mascot

    Project Overview

    Project Type Illustration
    Company Protech Associates
    Year 2017



    Protech Associates, a management software for associates provider, was looking to add a playful element to its brand. They hit upon the idea of creating a pug dog mascot names “Browser.” Celerate’s long-standing relationship with Protech made them the perfect candidate for bringing Browser from concept to creation. The most important requirements: he should wear a Protech team jersey, and he should look adorable.


    Armed with various photos of pug dogs and a little imagination, Celerate began by piecing together Browser’s face. A lot of time and attention were dedicated to making sure Brower’s eyes were skewed just the right amount. Once his face got a thumbs-up from Protech’s team, it was time to create his body and to generate a series of poses. Browser became a big hit with the marketing team, and a series of additional versions were contracted. Each new marketing effort required a new outfit for Browser, so that now he fits in just about anywhere. His James Bond look is unquestionably the most sophisticated to date, but he’s still just as much at home romping in leaves and lassoing cattle.