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    Planet Technologies Marketing


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    Planet Technologies Marketing
    Planet Technologies Marketing
    Planet Technologies Marketing

    Project Overview

    Project Type Graphic Design
    Company Planet Technologies
    Year 2020



    Planet Technologies, Inc., a Microsoft consulting and solutions firm based in Washington D.C., was interested in partnering with a design company to produce marketing materials for current and potential clientele. Their previous marketing materials appeared dated, so part of the goal for Celerate was to generate a new and consistent look and feel for materials ranging from datasheets to large-scale signage.


    Celerate consolidated colors, images and design elements to bring a unified theme to Planet’s marketing materials. Since Planet focused heavily on federal, state and local-government clientele, these themes were carried into the marketing materials visually wherever it was applicable. Celerate also introduced an “Earth from Space” theme into Planet’s branding, which has since become a common theme throughout Planet’s web and print presence.