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    Planet Technologies


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    Planet Technologies
    Planet Technologies
    Planet Technologies
    Planet Technologies

    Project Overview

    Project Type Website Design & Development
    Company Planet Technologies
    Year 2020


    A long-time Microsoft partner, Planet Technologies is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Microsoft consulting firms. Its extensive range of credentials and clientele enable it to provide relevant solutions to both government agencies and private enterprises throughout the United States. Planet’s long-term relationship with Celerate has helped shape the company’s brand along with a wide variety of marketing materials. As a cornerstone project, Planet’s website needed to draw from the energy and magnitude that its messaging universally promoted. In addition to thoroughly representing each of Planet’s key consultation services, it was imperative that the website create a lasting impression for potential clients. In the spirit of Planet Technologies’ mantra – “experience matters” – Celerate drew from its wealth of knowledge in modern web design and development to meet the challenge.


    From the start, Celerate designed Planet’s website to be big-as-life by pairing bold imagery with large typography. On the homepage, primary service categories are presented alongside an overview of Planet’s credentials. Each service category can be selected to transform the overall environment into one that expands upon that service. Further down the page, featured clients and recent company news headlines reinforce Planet’s ongoing activity and success. The use of circles throughout the design reinforce Planet’s conspicuous planetary theme, while color is used selectively to reinforce categories and process steps. Each service category has its own landing page, which includes promotional messaging, service breakdown content, relevant bragging points and action items. To further reinforce Planet’s expertise as a consulting firm, case studies and articles written by members are promoted throughout the website. Overall, Planet’s new website maintains a professional appearance with an added dramatic flair. This balance delivers essential information to clients while also promoting Planet’s energy and enthusiasm for the many services it offers.