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    Myqrosites Product Demo


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    Project Overview

    Project Type Animation
    Company Myqrosites
    Year 2013



    Myqrosites came to Celerate in need of a presentation for the ASTC annual Science Center conference. The goal was to create an interactive piece that outlined the basic qualities of the Myqrosites application’s mobile website builder interface, as well as the benefits and capabilities of a Myqrosites mobile website.


    Since the primary challenge was to add visual interest to a string of interface screenshots, Celerate designed a presentation theme made up of desktop and mobile devices. This theme proved an engaging way in which to view a summary of the Myqrosites application’s capabilities. The first portion of the video, which focuses on the Myqrosites administrative interface, places a desktop view of the back-end beside a mobile view of the resulting website construct. After this demonstration, the video transitions to a first-person perspective, in which a user explores and utilizes a typical Myqrosites mobile website. This pairing of strategies kept the video interesting throughout, while clearly defining the benefits of both the Myqrosites mobile website builder and a Myqrosites mobile website.