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    Montgomery Community Media

    Montgomery Community Media
    Montgomery Community Media
    Montgomery Community Media
    Montgomery Community Media

    Project Overview

    Project Type Web Design & Development
    Company Montgomery Community Media
    Year 2021


    Montgomery Community Media (MCM) is the only independent, nonprofit organization providing public media access to the residents, non-profits, and businesses across Montgomery County. MCM provides access to daily local news, media education services, training classes as well as additional resources for their community. Celerate was selected to revamp their web presence based on the goal of bringing their services to the forefront as well as improve the overall user experience.


    Celerate worked closely with MCM’s executive team to find the pain points of the existing website using focus groups. Overall, the existing site was overwhelming for the user with an overload of content that was not well organized. Our solution to improve the user experience was to reorganize all the existing content in a way that we could get the users off the homepage using “calls to action” and guide them to landing pages where the content was structured to provide a much better user journey. The resulting website design has a clean, fresh, and modern look with well-organized content.