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    Maryland Rural Water Association

    Maryland Rural Water Association
    Maryland Rural Water Association
    Maryland Rural Water Association
    Maryland Rural Water Association

    Project Overview

    Project Type Web Design & Development
    Company Maryland Rural Water Association
    Year 2020


    The Maryland Rural Water Association (MRWA) provides training, services and on-site assistance to rural water authorities in the state of Maryland. To better serve its members, MRWA wanted to update its web presence and create an effective hub for useful resources and opportunities. The new website needed to provide easy access to information, allow users to sign up for training classes and promote incentives and opportunities for new members. It was also very important that the new website clearly communicated that the association was based and operating in the state of Maryland. After developing MRWA’s new brand, Celerate was given the opportunity to build the association’s new website from the ground-up.


    MRWA’s website is designed to be a dramatic departure from their previous dark blue theme. Celerate selected a new color palette that paired a variety of soft blues with the Maryland flag’s vibrant reds and yellows. A variety of visual elements communicate MRWA’s connection to the state of Maryland while also representing a variety of their services. A sample of the Maryland flag’s distinct geometric pattern forms a collage framework for images and colors. These sharp, high-contrast elements are offset by lighter, water-themed backdrops to reinforce MRWA’s mission to improve the quality of rural water systems. The homepage is laid out to clearly define MRWA’s mission and its primary services while also promoting upcoming training classes and resources. The training section gives users the opportunity to filter by category, view details and register for classes. News, Event and Resource blocks are designed to promote important details and appear distinct from surrounding elements. To effectively promote membership opportunities and options, each membership category is displayed prominently in a pricing and comparison table and paired with a distinct call to action. The overall website represents a dramatic shift in MRWA’s web-based outreach, not only in terms of style but also in terms of experience and accessibility.