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    Marketing Isometrics


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    Marketing Isometrics
    Marketing Isometrics
    Marketing Isometrics

    Project Overview

    Project Type Illustration
    Company Wood Street
    Year 2015



    Celerate was looking to improve its marketing efforts with a fresh new set of visuals that would be used to represent its various services. The goal was to come up with a set of visually unified graphics that could work together from the simplest to the most complex levels of visual representation.


    Celerate decided to take an isometric approach to illustrating the various marketing graphics. Paired with pre-selected brand colors and a paint medium, Celerate set about creating a variety of icons that are both modern and retro in quality. Since these icons followed the same grid pattern, the elements fit nicely together in any number of ways. They work well as icon elements and stand-alone illustrations for company branding.