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  • Construction Equipment

    Equipment Development Company, Inc. (EDCO)


    Project Overview

    Project Type Web Design & Development
    Company EDCO
    Year 2023


    For industrial equipment manufacturers like EDCO, an effective sales and resources website platform requires clear navigation paths and content filtering. EDCO’s product lineup features a wide spectrum of concrete grinder, cutter and smoother applications, so it was important to provide an efficient online resource to help customers and sales representatives find exactly what they need.


    With a high-contrast design overlayed on a concrete-textured backdrop, the new EDCO website feels right at home with its theme and focus. Multiple avenues are provided in clear category blocks to help users find products by application, products by tooling preference and customer support resources. Searching by application allows users to follow an easy visual process of identifying the perfect product for the job. Product listings are broken into tiered categories for clear classification, while product overview pages outline the technical details and relevant resources for each product. The site also includes a sales representative filtering system, a collection of categorized training videos, as well as a manuals and resources library. Much like EDCO’s fleet of diverse products, the new EDCO website provides a robust user experience for each of its many sales and service functions.