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    Constancy Investors Brand


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    Constancy Investors
    Constancy Investors
    Constancy Investors

    Project Overview

    Project Type Branding
    Company Constancy Investors
    Year 2017



    Carl Gardiner, founder of Constancy Investors, presented Celerate with the challenge to create a bold new brand for his company. The idea was to represent the company’s role in developing long-term investment plans and promoting investment education.


    After extensive experimentation with letterforms, Celerate arrived at combining the company’s initials to form a pie chart symbol. This was effective at representing both the financial and education aspects of the company. The mark was paired with a modern san-serif logotype that mimicked the mark’s thick and thin strokes. The color palette, reminiscent of chalkboards and dollar bills, added a striking boldness to the look of the full Constancy logo.