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    BrainScan MD Brand


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    BrainScan MD Brand
    BrainScan MD Brand
    BrainScan MD Brand

    Project Overview

    Project Type Branding
    Company BrainScan MD
    Year 2022



    BrainScan MD, a medical provider specializing in neurofeedback therapy, selected Celerate to develop its brand. The goal was to create a professional logo that effectively represented the company’s brainwave treatment services.


    The new logo for BrainScan MD combines a series of concentric arcs that represent the process of an MRI scan. The logotype extrudes from the center of these arcs like the bed of an MRI scanner, which further reinforces this symbolism. The pronounced and uniform lettering curves in the sans-serif type balance well with the simplicity of the arcs in the logomark. This ties the pieces together into an effective composition that blends energy and minimalism into a sharp visual brand.