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    ACS | SESAP 18 and SESAP 18 Advanced


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    SESAP 18
    SESAP 18
    SESAP 18

    Project Overview

    Project Type GoSuite
    Company American College of Surgeons
    Year 2023


    The 18th edition of American College of Surgeons’ SESAP self-assessment program builds on the successful collaboration between Celerate and ACS.

    ACS partnered with Celerate to develop SESAP 18 and SESAP 18 Advanced, leveraging the GoSuite LMS as the foundation. This collaboration resulted in a comprehensive self-assessment platform that not only met core requirements but also introduced groundbreaking features.

    The exam solution needed to provide self-assessments and CME credit-bearing exams, support learning methods such as multiple attempts and exams taken for practice, and display a highly personalized view of each learner's progress via dashboards.


    SESAP 18 has revolutionized surgical education, providing a robust platform for self-assessment and continuous learning. The platform's personalized dashboards, My Library feature, flashcards, and text highlighting capabilities have empowered surgeons to tailor their learning journeys and achieve mastery.

    Using the GoSuite LMS as the product backbone, Celerate met all core requirements and SESAP 18 has proven to be stable and reliable for test takers.

    SESAP 18 was developed in a unique collaboration between the educational leadership of the ACS and Celerate and offers a rich feature set to build upon in the future.