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    AboveAir Technologies

    AboveAir Technologies
    AboveAir Technologies
    AboveAir Technologies
    AboveAir Technologies

    Project Overview

    Project Type Web Design & Development
    Company AboveAir Technologies
    Year 2020


    Above Air Technologies has a long-standing reputation for the manufacture of innovative commercial and industrial HVAC solutions. Its marketing strategy simply needed a tune-up to better represent this reputation and increase sales. Celerate was selected to update Above Air’s branding and enhance customer engagement with a new website. The goal was to present clear messaging and product capabilities within a crisp, modern visual structure. Above Air’s three equipment types needed to be showcased and detailed, with an emphasis on dependability and efficiency. In addition, the website needed to include a comprehensive list of Sales Representatives, including location and contact information for each representative. This would provide the primary way in which customers would begin the product ordering process.


    The Above Air homepage was designed to focus on Above Air’s three equipment types while simultaneously promoting the company’s reputation as an efficient HVAC manufacturer. Equipment types are showcased in tabbed slides that balance concise messaging and action items with sharp visuals. Each slide contains images of workers and environments that benefit from the equipment type being presented. The entire website is setup to maintain a consistent visual rhythm throughout. Angular shapes derived from Above Air’s new logo reinforce both branding and flow. Highlight blue colors are offset by soft black and white imagery in the background. To improve information accessibility, products and resources are divided into categories to make them easier to locate. In much the same way, Sales Representatives are categorized by region, enabling the user to locate the closest representative much faster. Above Air’s new website has created many new opportunities for the company’s marketing efforts, both a sales tool and a launchpad for the company’s new brand.